Flowfinity Actions 6.1 Optimizes Consumer Packaged Goods Retail Auditor Experience In-Store

Flowfinity Actions 6.1 for Retail Audits introduces conditional behaviors in smart forms for optimal usability, enhanced productivity, and increased responsiveness

April 06, 2011
Vancouver, BC

Flowfinity® Wireless Inc., a leading provider and enabler of adaptable smartphone business applications, today announces the launch of Flowfinity Actions 6.1 for Retail Audits, the latest version of its award-winning solution for automating CPG companies' in-store visits and data collection on inventory levels, POS materials status and customer service. Now, the latest version of this Mobile Audits Solution working on smartphones and tablets with BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, and Android operating systems, makes such automation more productive and easier for the retail auditors.

Flowfinity optimizes the display of form fields and pages so that auditors performing in-store visits only see information relevant to them, focus on what is important, and ensure more information is provided if required. Forms dynamically adapt to information as it is entered. If the answer provided is sufficient, the form will hide further related questions. If the answer provided needs further clarification, additional questions will automatically display.

Actions smart forms also improve auditor accuracy through formula fields and multi-field validation. Values can be automatically computed offline, as the form is filled in. For example, survey score results can be automatically computed on the spot. The user is also instantly notified of any errors in data input, before the form is submitted, thanks to data validation rules that can depend on multiple criteria. Acceptable responses to a particular question may depend on the answers given to previous questions. For example, the form could check to ensure that timesheet entries fall between the active dates of the project.

Another way this new version of Actions enhances a CPG company's retail audit experience is with conditional notification. Email notifications can be triggered automatically based on how certain fields are completed on a form. For example, a sales manager could be automatically notified when a retail audit report score falls below an acceptable level, when out of stock items are reported or an exceptionally large order is placed.

In 2010, Flowfinity established a standard for mobile applications at CPG companies, like H.J. Heinz, Bacardi, Laura's Lean Beef and Anheuser-Busch, to achieve sales excellence by monitoring in-store merchandising compliance. To see examples of how leading companies have streamlined and extended business processes to their mobile employees with Flowfinity Actions, visit www.flowfinity.com/solutions.

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