[12/30/2011] Flexible Mobile Forms and Workflow Apps for iPhone and iPad Now Available with Flowfinity Actions 6.2
[12/20/2011] Flowfinity Opens Toronto Data Center to Support Enterprise Mobile Apps Hosting Services
[11/23/2011] Secure Mobile Access for BYOD Smartphones and Tablets Now Available with Flowfinity Reverse Proxy
[11/22/2011] Flowfinity Actions Timesheet Apps with Geotagging Enable Effective Mobile Team Management
[10/31/2011] McCormick & Co. Receives CGT Customer Management Award Based on Flowfinity Wireless Solution Deployment
[10/31/2011] Flowfinity Launches Managed Hosting Service for Enterprise Mobile Apps
[09/29/2011] Centra Windows Inc. Reduces Overhead, Improves Operations Efficiency with Flowfinity Software
[09/22/2011] Flowfinity Launches on Android, Extending Cross-Platform Support for Rapid Mobile Enterprise Apps
[06/16/2011] McCormick Adopts Flowfinity Actions for Mobile Retail Audits
[06/14/2011] Flowfinity Announces Support for Google Android Smartphones and Tablets
[04/19/2011] Laura's Lean Beef Featured as a Standout SMB by CTG Magazine for Automating Retail Store Audits with Flowfinity Actions
[04/06/2011] Flowfinity Actions 6.1 Optimizes Consumer Packaged Goods Retail Auditor Experience In-Store
[04/05/2011] Flowfinity Launches Actions 6.1 with Dynamic and Adaptive Smartphone and Tablet Forms Capabilities
[03/15/2011] Lafrentz Road Marking Improves Operations with Flowfinity
[02/10/2011] Flowfinity Audits Gets the CGT Magazine 2011 Readers' Choice Award

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