5 Ways Mobile Apps Enhance Engineering Field Operations

June 27, 2016


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Stressing over proper documentation is a feeling engineers are far too familiar with. When it comes to collecting data in the field, paying close attention to detail is a daunting but fundamental responsibility. Whether you're filling out an engineering change order (ECO), performing a safety inspection, or designing a new control process, compliance with professional and regulatory standards is always at the forefront. That's why it's so important to keep track of field data with accuracy and due diligence.

Mobile apps let you create forms and workflows for data collection in the engineering field, making it easy to document every little detail. Get rid of loose papers, lengthy phone calls, and messy spreadsheets by having all your vital business information in one place. You can automate your existing business processes, improving your engineering field operations even more.

Here are 5 ways mobile apps are enhancing productivity in engineering field operations:

1. Accurate project documentation

Real-time site information including photos, GPS locations, time stamps, and approval signatures can be embedded directly into forms. Data validation and mandatory fields make sure you capture all info while on site, saving time and reducing issues that arise from information gaps.

2. Standardized processes and procedures

With mobile apps, you can make sure data collected in the field is consistent with your standards across all teams. When clients' needs shift, safety regulations change, and engineering guidelines evolve, you can make updates across all platforms and ensure best practices at any time.

3. Fully-utilized staff time

Educated and highly-paid staff can stay productive at all times, making sure every dollar put towards labor costs is used to its fullest. Field staff can view instruction manuals and handbooks on their mobile devices, granting access to resources when task-related questions come up.

4. Improved communication with project stakeholders

By regularly sending real-time photos from the field, automated emails, and completion notifications, you can keep clients engaged and tighten the communication loop. Maintaining a two-way conversation can help you prosper relationships and build rapport even more.

5. Faster review by upper management

Either by direct access or through the use of PDF email reports, detailed information from the field is available as soon as projects are completed. Detailed summaries for upper management review can help bring urgent issues to light, with action plans being written up right away.

Flowfinity's flexible mobile enterprise app configuration product lets you be efficient from the field to the office, letting you focus on the important details. To learn more about how we can enhance your engineering field operations, start a free trial today.

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