[11/25/2013] Mobile Building Inspection Solution from Flowfinity Helps Englobe Deliver Critical Information to Management
[11/20/2013] City of Cincinnati Improves Efficiency and Cuts Costs with Flowfinity Mobile Field Service Solution
[11/05/2013] Flowfinity Reveals Plans to Launch Offline Windows 7 Client for Mobile Business Process Management
[10/17/2013] Flowfinity Enterprise Apps Selected by Freedom Health to Improve Efficiency of Insurance Field Sales with Use of iPads
[09/30/2013] New Flowfinity White Paper Reveals How to Build Future-Proof Business-to-Employee Mobile Applications
[09/26/2013] New Flowfinity Actions 7.5 Offers Extensive Offline Functionality for Mobile Enterprise Applications
[08/30/2013] Flowfinity Releases Windows Phone 8 Mobile Client for Business-to-Employee App Platform
[08/27/2013] Flowfinity Introduces Mobile Enterprise App Solution for Streamlining Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspections
[07/31/2013] Flowfinity Introduces Mobile Survey Software for Businesses
[07/18/2013] Thornton & Partners Insurance Adjusting Firm Goes Paperless with Flowfinity Mobile Apps
[06/28/2013] Dataco Utility Services Celebrates 10 Years of Streamlined Mobile Field Service Management with Flowfinity Software
[06/27/2013] West Valley Construction Streamlines Job Site Management with Flowfinity Mobile Solutions
[05/28/2013] McCoy Brown & Associates Selects Flowfinity Apps for Security Guard Management in the Cloud
[05/09/2013] CML Properties Achieves Significant Time Savings and Increased Productivity with Flowfinity Property Management Apps
[04/30/2013] Create Cloud-Based Mobile Apps to Improve Business Workflow with Flowfinity Actions Software
[04/02/2013] Consumer Goods Companies Boost Sales, Reduce Out-of-Stocks with Mobile Retail Execution Apps, New Flowfinity White Paper Reveals
[03/27/2013] Studio Cloud 30 Improves Productivity with Flowfinity Software for Mobile CRM, New Case Study Finds
[03/06/2013] Sales Partnerships Inc. Streamlines Field Sales Operations with Flowfinity Mobile Apps
[02/27/2013] New Flowfinity Actions 7.0 Offers Rapid Retrieval of Enterprise Information on Cross-Platform Mobile Devices
[02/14/2013] Veldale Farms Achieves Streamlined Agriculture Services Management with Flowfinity Mobile Apps
[01/30/2013] Flowfinity Introduces New Android Client for Enterprise Mobile Applications

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