Application Configuration Level 1 - Introduction

Tour the Flowfinity platform and learn how to build a fully featured field services dispatch application from scratch. This module is ideal if you are new to Flowfinity and want to learn about core functionality and how to create your own apps quickly.

Video 1: Flowfinity Actions Overview ~ 3 mins

Tour the Flowfinity Actions environment to discover its main features and learn the basics before we get started configuring our first application.

Video 2: App Editor Overview ~ 3 mins

Take a tour of the Flowfinity point-and-click development toolset. After watching this video you'll be familiar with the layout and functionality of the app editor interface before we dive into building a fully featured work order dispatch application.

Video 3: Creating a Simple App ~ 4 mins

Build your first form-based field service data collection app in under 5 minutes! In this video you'll learn the basics of no-code application configuration and lay the foundation for more sophisticated workflows and functionality.

Additional Information: Set up Flowfinity Mobile Client

Install Flowfinity on Android and iOS devices to deploy your applications in the field and get the most out of mobile data collection capabilities.

Video 4: Operations and States ~ 7 mins

Learn how to create record states and leverage operations to transition your orders through different states in your workflow. E.g. New, Scheduled, Completed. This is a key concept for configuring more sophisticated apps with robust workflows and process automations.

Video 5: Pages and Layouts ~ 5 mins

Optimize the user experience of your application by configuring form fields into pages that break up longer data collection processes, and use layouts to control data entry options during different states in your workflow.

Additional Information: Introduction to Workflows

Automate complex business workflows easily using 4 key components - states, operations, validation, and layouts. Achieve better insight into every task, who's involved, and when action is required.

Video 6: Configure Record Views ~ 6 mins

Configure views to sort and filter records by state or other custom conditions, and make it easy for users to find the information they need at a glance.

Additional Information: Introduction to Data Views

Easily set up tabular views of your Flowfinity data with filters, colors, search parameters and more. Only display the records and fields that are relevant to each user. Access views on the web, or on your mobile device online or offline.

Video 7: Form Field Types ~ 10 mins

Create highly customized apps by combining over 30 types of data collection fields in your forms. With input types ranging from basic text to multimedia attachments, Flowfinity makes advanced mobile data collection easy.

Additional Information: Introduction to Data Capture

Capture the critical data you need using over 30 different mobile form field types. Easily group fields into pages, and set up calculated fields with formulas for faster results.

Video 8: Data Lookups Between Apps ~ 7 mins

Create relationships between apps that access and display data records using lookup fields. In this example we'll store work order information in an external services app and access it from our main dispatch technician app.

Video 9: Color Coding Records ~ 4 mins

Apply conditional color coding rules to allow quicker and easier navigation through records by highlighting the records that require immediate attention or need to stand out at a glance.

Video 10: External Email Notifications ~ 5 mins

Configure your app to send email notifications to any recipient. In this example we will automate creating an invoice and sending it to customers whenever a work order is completed.

Video 11: Users and Roles ~ 3 mins

Learn how to add new users and assign custom roles and permissions to manage your team and their access to information in apps.

Video 12: Introduction to Dashboards ~ 5 mins

Learn the basics of dashboard data visualizations in Flowfinity, we'll create a simple custom widget to display application data in a chart.

Video 13: Advanced Dashboards ~ 9 mins

Learn how to add advanced functionality to your dashboard, create or edit records from dashboard widgets and perform data drill downs for deeper insights.

Video 14: Nested Fields ~ 5 mins

Use nested fields to display structured data embedded within a 'nest' inside a record. Nested fields are useful when you have a list of related items that should be logically grouped together such as an inventory list. By nesting fields, you make displaying large lists much easier on mobile devices.

Video 15: Introduction to Formulas ~ 7 mins

Learn how to use formulas to perform in-app calculations that will take your apps to the next level of sophistication. This video concludes the Getting Started series, thanks for watching! Visit our Knowledge Base for further instructions on advanced functionality including automatons and integrations.

Additional Information: CSV Import and Export

Manage business data with ease. Find out how Flowfinity's CSV import/export features let you easily add, delete, and merge records in your database.

Additional Information: Import Records from a CSV File

You can easily import and export record data using .CSV files. Learn how from this Knowledge Base article.