Flowfinity System Administration

Manage user accounts including software robots, control access to information with role permissions and set up a developer sandbox test server environment. This module is ideal if you will be administrating your organization's system set up and security.

User Management

Add New Users

Quickly give new users access to Flowfinity by creating an account for them. Select web/device, TV/kiosk or robot account types, and enable easy access to apps and dashboards.

Manage Information Access with User Roles

Control which information is visible to Flowfinity users through specific user roles.

Restrict User Access to Specific Apps with Roles

With Flowfinity mobile apps, you can limit access to specific apps and prevent users from accidentally modifying sensitive business data.

Create Robots

Learn how to create robot users in Flowfinity. Leverage the power of robotic process automation to complete tasks and perform escalations, boosting productivity for your organization.

Batch Import, Update or Delete Records

Import records from a CSV file

You can easily import and export record data using .CSV files. Learn how from this article.

Connect Applications with Deep Links

Set up Deep Links

Easily guide users to the right place in each app. Deep linking lets users quickly navigate between Flowfinity and 3rd party apps to start any task, with one click.

Using a Sandbox Server for Testing

Use Sandbox Development and Testing

Reduce risk and improve change management with dedicated servers for development and testing. Start an account on the Flowfinity Cloud Development server to get started.

Export and Import Apps

Easily export and import Flowfinity apps between your sandbox development server and your production server using FTF files.

Merge App Changes

Easily import Flowfinity apps from your sandbox or development server to your production server, with a few clicks and a quick comparison of the changes.

Use Deep Links with Sandbox and Production Sites

Avoid manually editing deep links when apps move between servers during testing and development by using Flowfinity's getbaseurl() function.

Email Notification Configuration

SPF DNS Configuration

Prevent important emails notifications from being marked as spam by including Flowfinity servers in your DNS settings.

External GPS Antenna Setup

Leica High Precision GPS Android Setup

Record high precision GPS location data accurate to five decimal places in Flowfinity Actions using a Leica GG04 plus Smart Antenna and an Android mobile device.

Leica High Precision GPS iOS Setup

Record high precision GPS location data accurate to five decimal places in Flowfinity using a Leica GG04 plus Smart Antenna and an iOS mobile device.