Application Configuration Level 2 – Advanced

Increase productivity by enhancing your applications with advanced functionality including calculations, automations and maps. This module is ideal if you want to upgrade existing applications or have already completed Application Configuration Level 1.

Data Capture and Validation

Use Skip Logic to Display or Hide Fields

Learn how to display or hide individual fields or entire pages in Flowfinity mobile forms by using conditional visibility.

Provide Permanent Help Text to Users

Provide additional guidance to help users to collect the appropriate data in Flowfinity apps, on mobile devices and on the web.

Make Fields Mandatory Depending on Other Data

Eliminate incomplete mobile forms by ensuring users are entering data when required.

Use Save as Draft

Allow users to conveniently collect data while offline and over a course of several hours. Forms can be saved periodically, and submitted once at end of day.

Data Viewing

Create Heat Maps

Set custom business rules to color-code data collected in enterprise apps. Heat maps can provide a quick overview of status or issues that need attention.

Use GPS Proximity Searching

Learn how to set up a search filter that shows nearby assets, customers, stores, or other records by distance to your current GPS location in Flowfinity.

Nested Fields

Use Nested Fields

Nested fields in Flowfinity enable you to logically group related or repeating items together. Find out how to optimize them for improved mobile user experience.

Copy Specific Fields in a Nested Structure

Learn how to copy logically grouped fields in Flowfinity to increase the efficiency of mobile data collection.

Validate Data within Nested Structures

Flowfinity lets you use nested fields for items that should to be grouped together such as lists. Learn how to validate data in these fields.

Sum or Count Items in Nested Fields

Get the answers you need faster. Set up automatic calculations that include previous data, entered within the same form.

Create a View for Nested Field Records

Utilize nested fields to their fullest by creating a View to display all sub-records.

Calculations and Variable Text

Introduction to Calculations and Variable Text

Easily carry out simple or complex calculations and logic. Flowfinity lets you write formulas with dates, numbers or text to get the answers you need faster.


Formulas are used to calculate or set defaults for a wide variety of field and label values, as well as control parameters in views, and set conditional skip logic based on formula calculation results.

Perform Calculations with Decimals

In Flowfinity apps and dashboards, you can perform extensive calculations with numeric fields, and specify how many decimal places to round the results to. Learn how.

Other Workflow Enhancements

Assign a Job Task to One Person

Learn how to configure dispatch functionality in Flowfinity to assign tasks to personnel in the field.

Assign a Job Task by User Role

With Flowfinity business process applications, you can dispatch jobs or assign tasks to a user role when multiple people are qualified to complete or view a task.

Send Email Notifications with PDFs

Flowfinity software can send emails with attached PDFs that summarize details captured on mobile forms in the field. Learn how to easily create them yourself.

Create an Approval Hierarchy

From expenses to job dispatch, approval processes include multiple steps and people. Flowfinity lets you specify when a record can be viewed and approved, using roles and states.


Introduction to Mapping

You can now easily connect Flowfinity records to geographic maps. Configure maps in dashboards with custom basemap styles created in Esri, Mapbox or MapTiler. View, edit and create records on a map, see your device location in the field, and pinpoint locations remotely.


Tasks Overview

Learn how to configure software robots to perform rules-based tasks. Automate your workflows and benefit from increased speed and improved data accuracy while avoiding tedious data entry and repetitive work.

Escalations Overview

Learn how to automate time-based escalations in Flowfinity. Assign software robots to monitor records and change states or provide alerts when certain conditions are met, freeing staff to perform more fulfilling work.

Create Robots

Learn how to create robot users in Flowfinity. Leverage the power of robotic process automation to complete tasks and perform escalations, boosting productivity for your organization.


Learn how to create and assign robots to perform tasks and escalations through configuration. With Flowfinity it's possible to create sophisticated workflows and enhance automation.

SLA Compliance Escalations

Use esacalations to automate the transition of a record to a new state based on time. Example: escalate a service desk ticket to meet Service Level Agreement (SLA).